Newport Beach Independent: Swimming Injuries

By Gina Dostler | Newport Beach Independent | View Full Article

Dr. Joseph Horrigan talks swimming injuries–what causes them and how to prevent them, in a new Newport Beach Independent Moment for Health article.  According to Dr. Horrigan, the three most common swimming related injuries are: swimmer’s shoulder, meniscus tears and low-back strains.

Swimmer’s shoulder occurs when pinching occurs between the ball of the shoulder and the roof of the shoulder.  Tendons and fluid-filled sacs called bursa in the shoulder can become inflamed and painful when squeezed when you do freestyle or butterfly strokes.  Knee injuries can occur during breast stroke kicks.  It can stress and strain the medial collateral ligament (MCL) as well as pinch and tear the C-shaped cartilage (meniscus).  Another source of injury arises from the butterfly stroke’s dolphin kick.  For the kick, you have to rapidly bend and extend the low back.  This can cause the spine to become aggravated and inflamed.

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