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arrow-2The first step to making an appointment, is to find the right physician for you. With board-certified physicians specializing from head to toe, use the “Find a Physician” widget to filter the doctors, watch introductory videos, view bios, read articles and learn more about their professional achievements. Get started by filling in one or more of the fields and hit find.

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Whether you are a new or returning patient, for each visit, there will be certain registration, medical history, authorizations, releases, and other forms appropriate to your type of visit.

Printing and completing registration and history forms prior to your visit can save you time on the day of your visit.

Otherwise, please arrive 15-20 minutes early to your appointment if you intend to complete your registration forms at our office.

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Get the most out of your visit by preparing for your appointment.

Our physician knows medicine. You know you.

An informed and actively involved patient makes the best choices regarding healthcare decisions. DISC physicians are highly trained and utilize the most advanced imaging and diagnostic equipment available. The greatest physician resource, however, is not technology or technique. It is the patient. No one knows your body, or your symptoms and history better than you do. There are a many treatment options available including numerous non-surgical approaches to diagnosing and treating conditions. By working together with your physician, asking questions and explaining your goals and lifestyle, you and your physician will find the best plan of action for you as an individual. By working together with your physician, you will approach the treatment and healing process with greater confidence and resolve. Bearing this in mind, being prepared from the initial consultation will help you gain the maximum benefit to your health and wellbeing.

Your First Visit

Many DISC patients have seen other physicians previously to their initial visit to DISC. If you have, please bring any of the following:

  • A list of medications you currently take INCLUDING homeopathic, herbal, or dietary supplements
  • Information on any current or past medical issues, conditions or problems
  • Any medical records or surgical notes (if you have previously undergone surgery)
  • Imaging studies such as X-Rays, MRI’s or CT scans

Questions to keep in mind

Your doctor will ask you questions to help evaluate your current condition, and develop a diagnosis and prognosis for treatment. The body is a complex, inter-related system and often seemingly unrelated symptoms can be the key to an accurate diagnosis. Some questions to consider before your visit include:

  • What are your most prominent symptoms?
  • What other symptoms do you experience, even those that may seem unrelated?
  • When did you begin to first experience these symptoms, at what frequency and for what duration?
  • Have you experienced these conditions in the past? Have you sought prior treatment?
  • What was your prior diagnosis and treatment?
  • Are your symptoms related to a traumatic injury, or were they a slow onset over time?
  • What other past injuries and treatments have you experienced?
  • What other surgeries and conservative treatments have you undergone? Were they effective in treating your symptoms?
  • What physical activities, including work, sports and general life aggravate your symptoms? What activities provide relief?
  • What do you think caused the initial onset of your symptoms, including activities related to work, sports and your lifestyle?
  • What conservative, homeopathic and at home treatment options have you explored i.e. stretching, yoga, exercise, nonprescription and herbal medication ?  Have you had success with these modalities in the past?
  • What are your goals regarding your health, activity level, and treatment timeline?

*Please note that patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

*If possible please complete any necessary doctor’s office forms prior to your visit and bring them along with current insurance and personal identification documentation.

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