Neuroaugmentation, a Minimally Invasive Therapy, Now Offered at DISC Sports & Spine

Dr. Standiford Helm is offering an innovative therapy that can treat chronic and debilitating migraines.  People who are unresponsive to traditional migraine remedies can benefit greatly from neuroaugmentation, a minimally invasive therapy.  Neuroaugmentation is a treatment that involves implanting electrodes beneath the skin to stimulate the occipital and supraorbital nerves.  When the nerves are stimulated, they stop communicating the headache causing pain signal.

“I have seen wonderful improvement in patients who had all but given up on leading normal, productive lives,” Dr. Helm said.  “To be able to give them a second chance at life with a lot less pain is incredibly gratifying, and I’m thankful to DISC for giving me the collaborative team and venue at which to make it all possible.”

For more information, contact DISC at 866-481-DISC.  See the full press release here.