Four Facts Patients Should Know About Microdiscectomies | View Full Story |

Every year, millions of Americans suffer herniated discs that–if left untreated–may cause excruciating pain and further damage to the spine.  The microdiscectomy, one of the most commonly performed spine surgeries, is a safe, effetive option for those patients who have not responded to more conservative therapies.  In fact, up to 95% of microdiscectomies performed relieve pain almost immediately, according to orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Hooman M. Melamed.

“I’ve had patients come to me before their operations on morphine and OxyContin, some of the most powerful medications out there,” he explains.  “But when they wake up, they can’t believe the pain is gone, and–with it–the need for such narcotics.”

Benefits aside, Dr. Melamed cautions that microdiscectomies aren’t for everyone, and that patients should do their homework before choosing to have any surgery.  To find out what you should consider before a microdiscectomy, read the story here.