Dr. Melamed Discusses Back Pain & Pregnancy on KCAL

Spine surgeon Dr. Hooman Melamed was featured on KCAL earlier this month, discussing back pain during pregnancy.  Dr. Melamed covers tips as wells as causes of back pain, providing exercises women can do at home to prevent it.  View the clip to see the exercises pregnant women can do during any trimester.

About Dr. Melamed

Hooman-Melamed-MDDr. Hooman M. Melamed, Director of Scoliosis at Marina Del Rey Hospital, is renown for his ability to accurately treat patients and customize treatment plans to the patient’s needs. Whether conservative treatment or spine surgery is necessary, Dr. Melamed has the experience and foresight to get you back to your active lifestyle.

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“Most of the time, patients with spinal issues can be treated successfully without surgery. I listen to my patients carefully and they are active participants in their treatment plans. If spine surgery is necessary, my partners and I have been able to combine our expertise in both orthopaedic and neurosurgery to offer you the most advanced and minimally invasive surgical intervention.” ~ Dr. Melamed