Dr. Horrigan’s Expert Commentary Featured in Story on Fiterazzi

By Melanie Gutmann | Fiterazzi.com | View Full Article

Fiterazzi.com recently published a story on overtraining titled, “What it Feels Like to Workout Too Much.”  In the article, Dr. Joseph Horrigan explains why overtraining is harmful to your body.  “If a new stimulus is provided before the recovery process takes place, then the system is driven further and further down and the body begins to become symptomatic,” Dr. Horrigan says in the story.  This will cause you to have difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and dizziness.

The article also explains what to do if you feel these symptoms, as well as how to prevent it.  The author also provides her personal experience in overtraining and how she felt when she worked out too much.

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