Dr. Bray Talks Concussion Prevention with Universal Sports (Video)

Universal Sports | Race to Recovery |

Dr. Robert S. Bray, neurological spine surgeon and DISC Sports & Spine Center founder, discusses preventing concussions in the latest episode of Universal Sports’ Race to Recovery.  In the video, Dr. Bray says it’s important to focus on prevention since there isn’t a good treatment for recovery.

“Many athletes don’t realize cumulative minor injuries have an effect and it takes a long time to recover, if they ever do.  Their performance definitely declines with repeated injuries over time,” Dr. Bray said.

“Since there’s no valid treatment to really change after you’ve concussed other than rest, and cumulative you don’t recover, you have to focus on prevention,” he added.

Click here to watch the entire Universal Sports Race to Recovery segment on preventing concussions with Dr. Bray.