Danny MacAskill’s New Film “Epecuen” Debuts

Professional street trials rider Danny MacAskill, recently released his new street trials film, titled “Epecuen.”  Named after the Argentinian city he filmed in, “Epecuen” not only showcases MacAskill’s amazing skills on a bike, but also the forgotten city.  MacAskill, a professional street trials rider and Dr. Robert S. Bray’s patient, had back surgery at DISC in 2012.

He originally came to DISC to get a second opinion for his knee pain, after Red Bull recommended he make an appointment there.  Upon arriving, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Bulczynski did an MRI on his knee and found nothing.  He then ordered a back MRI and recommended MacAskill see neurological spine surgeon Dr. Bray to find out if the knee pain originated from the back.  Dr. Bray found that he had a partially ruptured disc, a bone spur, a pinched nerve (which caused his knee pain) and congenital spinal stenosis; MacAskill underwent surgery and has been back on the bike ever since his recovery.

Click here to watch MacAskill’s film, “Epecuen.”